File This


I have many contradictory traits and I’m not alone. How many of us have a strong desire to be healthy and at the same time feel that Haribo Gummy Bears should be consumed as often as possible? No? Never mind.

There is a long list of administrivia which I have been ignoring, in particular the bullet points which include the phrase “set up filing system” – or words to that effect.


I insist on being able to find things quickly without a lot of fuss or searching. However, I hate creating the system of filing those things. I refuse to think hierarchically – I need a relational world.

One major outstanding item is to sort through the drawer of paperwork which has accumulated since I moved here. I’m almost certain everything important is in there – just don’t ask me to find it quickly.


A much bigger job is setting up the catalogue of photos that seem to be multiplying much faster than I can keep track of them.

I have ON1 Photo Raw – which will do everything I need and more. I just have to force myself to go through the folders, and sort, and create keywords etc., and I have to do it soon. I’m already having trouble finding things.

Retired people’s problems, eh?


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