You can tell it’s the first day of spring because we have a winter storm warning. This means I should be bringing in a bunch of wood so I’ll be set for the duration.

First though I wanted to get some vacuuming done.


I would have too, except Jamie seemed to want to do something. Really! It’s her fault we went to the beach.

This place always looks good – no matter what the temperature.


I will do those chores, and I will start cataloguing these photos, any time now. The laundry as well.

I’ll just do a quick check of Twitter in case the world has blown up …….




  1. The beach is ALWAYS wonderful, no matter the weather. Why I REALLY need to get myself a beach view. 🙂 and yeah, hate to be the one to tell you, but the world was in the process of blowing up today in Austin and Maryland. Give me some more water/beach pics as antidote.


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