Culinary Horizons


It’s a beautiful day and, although I couldn’t go far because of projects at home, I did a quick walk around the neighbourhood and took a few shots.

I don’t think I’m jinxing anything if I just quote other people here who think the weather is about to break – that is, spring is really going to settle in. Yes, it’s very cold right now, but it feels like maybe the season really is changing.


I can report that I did do the filing that had been sitting in an unorganized pile in my drawer. I have also begun the process of categorizing and labeling the photos on my hard drive.

Unfortunately the first step in that process involves backing everything up to Dropbox. You might remember that my internet is speed challenged.

I pause the task to watch news in the morning and something entertaining in the evening. Other than that the computer is focused on the uploads.

Dropbox reports that it should only take another 23 days.  sigh


I have many kitchen projects planned as well. My diet has been absent any dairy now for months and I feel much better. But I miss creamy sauces, etc.,

The local grocery has managed to get me my favourite soy milk, but neither they nor I can find soy sour cream or soy yogurt anywhere.

So I’m making it. The sour cream is wonderful and really easy. I now have the equipment for the yogurt so that’s on the schedule for this week.


I have two other projects planned: my sourdough starter arrived today. It says I have to feed it within 24 hours. Cue the song I now can’t get out of my head.

I also plan to make my own Ponzu. I love Ponzu and cannot get it – even Amazon lets me down on this one. As much as I love it I’m not going to spend $25 for a small bottle and then $59 to ship it.

I’m waiting on one more ingredient and then I can make a batch, freeze it in cubes, and have it whenever I want.

This is hardly a deprived life – well, if you don’t count the internet speed. 🙂


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