Getting Ready


The spring Lobster Season starts on Sunday and this time I plan to have backup batteries for the camera when I go to take photos of the start. I’m assuming there is a formal start – I’ll get confirmation in advance.  Cross your fingers …

I’ve made progress on two kitchen projects. This is the Ponzu recipe I used – and it’s really easy; mix everything in a bowl and let it steep. I just tasted it and OMG it’s amazing. If you like Ponzu, or just like sauces, and you wouldn’t mind having those ingredients in your kitchen, try it. I’ll be freezing it in ice cube trays once I’ve finished this post.

I had almost everything already but had to order a couple of the items on the recipe list. I didn’t know until today that apparently Duff’s life has been sadly and seriously deprived of dried fish (Bonito Flakes). I feel like a real failure but I am making up for it (he’s insisting).

I’m also in the process of feeding that sourdough starter. I really don’t think, now that I’ve retired, I need anything in my life more high maintenance than myself. It’s going to have one shot and it better make damned good bread.


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