The Harbingers of Spring


This is not a great shot of the large flock of geese that appeared in front of my place this morning. I like it though because I’m imagining what is going through the little guy’s mind – he and his pals have had the cove to themselves for months.

Soon the seals and harbour porpoises and whales will be back. I think spring really is almost here. 🙂


I have a lot of cleaning to do – but it is sunny, and relatively warm, so Jamie and I went to check out the old fish plant.

This is where I’ll set up to get some shots of the lobster boats heading out this weekend. It’s still unclear what day … or time. This is a much more relaxed season than the intense, frenetic one last fall.


Last time I was perched on the edge of one of those cliffs in the distance. In the dark. This time should pass the “don’t be a complete idiot” test.

For example, I have definitely discarded the idea that I should walk out onto this pier to try for better shots.


I’m going to aim to be there about 5 – this should give me the opportunity to take photos of last minute preparations and lights reflecting on the water.  Maybe.

It’s going to rain tomorrow. I’ll get some cleaning done then.


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