“That Woman”


I’m still working on those night shots of the fishing boats … I have to improve my long exposure skills before you’ll see anything.

I took a break though (it’s true, I take a lot of breaks) and wandered around the Island snapping random shots.


Jamie and I wound up at the Lighthouse and met Keith with two friends of his. Keith has been coming here for many years and is finally moving into the area permanently.

He asked me if I lived here and I explained that I just arrived last August.


He got this funny look on his face and asked me where I was living. I explained which house I had purchased and he said “Oh, of course, you’re That Woman”.

He looked at his friends and said “she bought the place sight unseen”.


He said everybody on the Island knew about it, they were all talking about me when it happened. “That’s me”, I said, “I’ll be forever known as That Woman.”

It could be worse. I guess. At least it’s not said like it’s a bad thing. 🙂


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