Turn Left


Allow me to start by saying I would have driven my friend Ahuva crazy this morning. She’s not comfortable with “winging it”.

Jamie and I went back to explore more of the Roosevelt International Park gravel roads and, since I have no idea where any of them go, I just randomly chose a direction at each of the forks we encountered.


Understand I was doing this in the middle of the woods and you can’t see where you’re heading or what might be different going the other way. Cool!

Today we found a couple of places on the edge of cliffs with lookouts, and picnic areas, and truly extraordinary views.


I’m going to try and finish this initial exploration soon – the weather is close to perfect for it. Once the rains come the area just won’t be navigable. As it is, with mostly dirt/gravel, my car looks like I’ve been taking her off-road.

This season is called Spring in most places. Here it is more accurately described as Mud.


I did discover what the boardwalk location from yesterday is. Allow me to introduce Eagle Hill Bog which is a very big deal. Those stanchions will hold signs describing the various flora and fauna.

I had thoughts that going there might be dicey at some times of the year because of mosquitoes and black flies. It turns out that one of the most common plants in the bog is the Pitcher – I’m hoping they eat most of those nasty insects. 🙂



  1. I am being maligned. While it’s true I do NOT like “winging” it when I have a destination – and a required time frame – I am very happy getting in my car and going for a drive with no specific destination. ESPECIALLY when it’s in the convertible in convertible-weather. 🙂 But for just meandering to see what’s there – both my husband and sister can vouch for me. The drive that you and I took had a LOT of requirements beyond – hey – let’s drive across the country! *grin* Meandering and happening on fantastic photo ops – an absolute win!!!! If it ever stops being snow/ice/mud/insect weather, I’m coming back up there to meander with you and take photos. *laughing* you’ve been warned……


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