My World is Smaller Than I Thought


Today was a Designated Lazy Day. It was! This week I had done some exploring. I had peeled off paneling in advance of Project Insulation (more on that in the future, let’s just say nothing’s simple). I had made both clam chowder (all these clams just arrived at my door) and tortiere, so my meals were taken care of. I’d just lie on the couch, in front of the fire, and read a book.

Then I got a weather warning – snow tonight and freezing rain to follow.


OK so lazy will have to happen tomorrow or Monday. In the meantime I would take care of something I keep meaning to do.

I used to do a 5k (3 mile) walk every morning – rain or shine. I’d try and do other things during the day but at least I would have done that. I wanted to map out a route to do it here.

So, I got a phone app that would track distance and headed up my road towards the old Fish Plant.


I expected to discover that I would reach the half way point somewhere in the middle of the Island. It turns out that the Fish Plant on the other side is just a teensy bit short of 2.5k (or 1.5 miles).

I will be doing the entire distance from one side of the place to the other for my usual walk. And if you plan to point out that the distance is not enough because it’s not quite the full 3k – allow me to suggest I get extra credit for the freaking hills which are not something I had to negotiate on the river delta where I used to do this.


I noticed a lot of litter while I was on my walk, so I think I’ll take garbage bags with me. Full bags can sit next to the road til I go back with the car and it gives me another reason for the exercise.

It took longer than I’m used to for this little excursion, but I’ll point out that I was stopping frequently to take photos. The fact that I won’t be able to move tomorrow is all down to those above-mentioned hills.

The locals, at least, seemed to be impressed with my efforts.



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