Time Out for an Old Lady


I remembered to get copies of a few of the local (think County wide and Maine coast) newspapers this morning. One of them had two items I feel are worth noting.

There’s a Letter to the Editor of the St. Croix Courier complaining about the Government’s spending priorities.


Patrick in St. Stephen feels that we don’t need new nursing home beds or new doctors. He feels that we should embrace death willingly and maybe even with a smile.

He would put the money towards “euthanasia clinics, farewell parties even, an acceptance of live lived rather than extension of life at all costs”. “Rather than expend tens of thousands on life prolonging medications and care … why not offer free funerals?”


I’m sure Patrick is a lovely person, but I became far more interested in the notice next to his letter.

Next Wednesday (April 25) there will be a Tax Sale of various properties in the County. The first such property is that old, abandoned, Victorian home just 50 feet down the road from mine.


I have a very romantic view of her I guess. I keep picturing her when she was brand new and shiny.  The sailing ships on her shutters, the stained glass, the lace, polished brass, and all the rest of the details that were lovingly included in her construction.

Maybe I should throw her a farewell party. I’m sure Patrick would approve.



  1. How much do they want for the Victorian lady? and…. I think Patrick might be onto something. What if it was a CHOICE? 🙂 and of course as someone who has friends who live in St. Croix USVI, I was a little confused regarding the St Croix Courier

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