Look Up


The birds were out and about this morning, when I went for my walk, so it seemed appropriate to try and get a few shots of them.

The results are mixed but I’ll keep practicing.


Focusing on them reminded me to check out the beginning of hummingbird season. I should be getting the feeders hung soon.

I noticed this morning that it’s apparently time to mow the lawn in some folks’ minds. It did just snow yesterday you know.


I went to Lubec for gas and stopped for a few groceries. Just a couple of things I can’t get here – like exotic small dog food to try and get Jamie to eat something other than cat dinners.

I bought some salad while I was there and had a feast last night for dinner. Then the American Government said to throw out ALL romaine lettuce in any form immediately. sigh


One last note about concentrating on birds during my walk. It meant I was looking around and I actually looked up.

It’s the first time I noticed this. If they come back to use it this year there should be no issue with me checking in on them. Right? Well, that’s assuming I survive the lettuce plague.



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