It Might Seem Crazy


I’m determined that it is, in fact, Spring. So much so that I have moved the snow shovels and ice salt to the garage.

I have packed up the boots, ice crampons, trooper hat, balaclavas, toques, mitts, snow bib, dog sweater, and scarves, and stored them until next winter. The parka and puffer coat, likewise, have moved to a closet.


I don’t automatically light the fire in the morning anymore. If it cools down during the day, though, I do bow to the cats’ demands and get it going.

Now I’m not going all out here. It gets cold at night so I’m hanging on to the flannel sheets for the time being.


Putting away the winter supplies has freed up some space in the laundry/pantry/mud room. This seems like a very fancy way to describe an area 8′ by 8′, but I’ll stick with it.

In any case I need that space because of some of my online shopping habits.

I buy as much as I can on the Island – shopping locally is just sensible. I also buy supplies by subscription from Amazon. Some things, though, I can’t bring myself to do either way.


For example, I have this rule about facial tissue. I won’t spend more than $1 per full sized box. I have to break that rule if I shop here or at Amazon. So I don’t.

I fall back to my usual supplier when I lived on the West Coast. I shop at London Drugs. The great news is that I get what I want at the prices I’m used to and, if I shop in bulk, the shipping is very reasonable.

This is how I explained to my Postie the giant carton of 60 kleenex boxes she carried into my house today. Anybody have a cold?



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