Some Confusion


As you can see we have clear blue skies this morning. This is good news, after a huge rain/wind storm yesterday, because I have to go to Machias.

I’ve mentioned in these pages before how close I am to the border. I cross it frequently because, until the ferry returns this summer, driving to Maine is the only way for me to get off this Island.

One of the few really smart things I did before coming here was to get a cell phone package that gives me unlimited voice/text to and from both Canada & the US while I am in either country.

This turned out to be really really smart when I discovered that cell phone towers aren’t very accurate when it comes to defining the location of the International Border.


Maine and New Brunswick are in different time zones – my phone often tries to convince me that I’m on Maine time when I’m here at home in New Brunswick.

What’s really weird though is that Telus sometimes has my phone actually travelling in a different country. When I’m not.

I woke up the other day to this email:

Subject: Telus Roaming Alert –  Someone on your account is travelling outside of Canada with their device

Letting you know ***-***-1526 is travelling outside of Canada with their device in USA.

The message was sent at 3:15 am.

The phone was back where I’d left it the night before. I hope it had a good time. ?!?


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