Goodbye Mainland


You’ll see by today’s photos that, although it’s relatively clear here in my little cove, the fog is back and Eastport has vanished.

The weather was beautiful though when I traveled to the mainland on Friday. I had a successful trip and got lots of errands taken care of.

Last fall I bought 3 Japanese woodblock prints of shorebirds to celebrate my move here. I found a wonderful woman in Machias who framed them for me and one day, when I have a finished wall to hang them on, I’ll show you. 🙂


I also finally found a dining room table. It’s not terribly old, but it is solid wood and very heavy. It’s currently in pieces in the back of the car and will remain there until a couple of really strong people are available to move it.

When I went into the States the American side of the border was full of flashing blue lights and heavily armed men in uniform. You could tell they intended to prevent somebody from leaving the country.  I didn’t ask them what was going on – I did ask at the Canadian side when I came back, but they refused to say.

I suspect now it had something to do with this story about capturing a man who shot a Maine police officer. It was a little too real for this place.

I’ll go back to worrying about less deadly domestic issues.


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