Planning Things


I love these two – so much so that you get a few shots of them in this post.

Today I met with Nurse Practitioner at the Clinic here on the Island. Very nice people there. I came away with the prescription I needed for the shingles vaccine and agreed to schedule an appointment with them for some tests and a wide-spectrum pneumonia shot when I’ve finished the two Shingrex.


In other health-related news I’ve been investigating some home remedy type things for essential or familial tremour (tremor in American). My hands always shake and they seem to be getting worse. This is an issue if I want the house to look like it wasn’t worked on by somebody wearing boxing gloves.

I’m going to try various herbs – but the first thing that arrived were my wrist weights.  If you have hand tremours and are frustrated using the computer mouse – get weights! They’re magic. It’s the first time in ages I could move the mouse around without all the jittering.


I also talked to some more people about my idea of starting up a gardening club. There’s lots of enthusiasm, I just don’t think I should do it until I’m in a position to start a garden. That could change though.

The last shot today is a really lousy one, but it’s evidence that the cranes are coming back. This one is the first to arrive – he showed up in the middle of the fog late yesterday.

PS. I ordered a circular saw – what could possibly go wrong?




  1. Have to say how much I look forward to your posts! Love the photos. Coffee and the New Brunswick update. Perfect way to start the day. Your Black Bond Friend Holly

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  2. Hey Maggie
    Love reading your blogs !!!! Interesting that you are looking for remedies for the tremors …if and when you find something I’ll be very interested as my 24 yr old son has the same problem! I’ll tell him about the wrist weights

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