When the Sky Moves


I took this first shot yesterday to show you that the fog really is back. I was going to use it to begin my usual post about all those glamourous domestic doings that I do.

Then we had a storm last night. I woke up to some sun and the sound of the freight train that is the wind.

I raced outside with the camera to try and capture what it looks like when the sky starts moving.


One of the reasons I love living here is the sheer size of the view – the horizon is huge. When we get the big winds they blow the clouds around at truly impressive speeds.

I can’t capture that – maybe if I tried video or played around with different lenses. But I can tell you that, by the time I got indoors and started downloading images, the skies were clear.

My internet is so slow that WordPress times out when I upload images. I managed to get only these two. You’ll have to imagine the rest. đŸ™‚


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