Catching Up


Just some random shots from the past few days while I bring you all up-to-date on the minutiae of my life. πŸ™‚

First of all, if you’re reading/hearing stories about the flooding – it’s north of me on the mainland. It’s horrible. More rain today and then it should be dry for the rest of the week. One can only hope.

We’re mostly dealing with wind – although that hasn’t stopped the many cars I saw heading for the golf course this morning. It’s opening day and looks like it’ll be a busy season. I did notice that the guinea fowl still wandered over there. I assume they’re a known hazard for the golfers.


My living room ceiling sprung a leak – I don’t know why though. It was a plumbing issue (I eventually found the shutoff valves) and nobody is using the facilities on the second floor. I think. However, the cats were lectured about that again.

It’s not a huge deal – I was already going to replace the acoustic tiles – and working plumbing won’t be needed upstairs for at least 2-3 years.

I finally came to my senses and cancelled my landline. This means my bundle of internet/phone/satellite tv is now just internet. Bell Aliant calls my 7 mps download speed Ultra – I guess irony is not dead.

I’ve started moving stuff upstairs so that the walls can be torn apart. I’d really rather be doing an intensive spring clean, but there’s no point until after all the dry wall has been sanded.


I also have to clean out the garage. The firewood will arrive early this year and stuff has to go to make room. Also there are some interesting things, like door surrounds, that will be useful.

I know it’s the calm before the do-it-myself (with Stanley) storm. So, that’s my excuse for getting in as many naps as possible.

Oh and I did go see the nurse practitioner. Nice people at the clinic. I then had the first of the two Shingrix shots and, wonder of all wonders, experienced absolutely no side effects. This is very unusual – but I’m not complaining. πŸ™‚

There was a community dinner for the family of a local man who was diagnosed with cancer a month ago and is already in palliative care. It was jammed – an hour before it was scheduled to start the parking lot at the school was full. I do love this place.

PS I did bid on and win some desserts, but I gave them to the University of Guelph students who were here for the week. Hi Guys! πŸ™‚



  1. “I did notice that the guinea fowl still wandered over there. I assume they’re a known hazard for the golfers.”

    Or, of course, that the golfers are a known hazard for the golfers …

    “It’s them pesky two legs with the sticks and the white round things here again.”
    “Oh aye? Thought we’d seen the last of them.”
    “Nah. Always know it’s nesting season come round again when the two legs appear.”
    “Long as they don’t hit one one those round white things into our nests. Poor Murile Straightlegs came home a bit the worse for boosenberry juice, and sat on one of the round things for six days before she found out it weren’t going to hatch. And her own egg smashed beneath it, poor thing.”

    (Guinea fowl invariably converse with rural English accents. It’s a little known fact I am happy to share)

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