A Good Day


There’s almost no wind this morning so the fog has the advantage. The sun is trying – it’s just not succeeding.

I confess that I never made it out to the garage yesterday. It’s still there – I’ll get to it. 🙂

Jamie and I went to Lubec for gas and so I could shop for any kind of fancy dog food I thought might appeal to her. She can’t hear or see very well and her communication skills aren’t great. However, when she paces and paces, and then stands in the kitchen waiting, I know she’s hungry. She just won’t eat what I give her.

She finally ate Shreddies in chicken stock. Don’t laugh – at least it was something.

The good news is that I also started giving her a second dose of the Neutricks (figuring it couldn’t hurt) and she’s improving again.  I have to repeat, I have no idea if this stuff has an actual effect – but her symptoms do seem to get better. Maybe dog food will be in her future after all.


The big news is that I had a wonderful conversation with the Provincial power company. I knew I had missed the opportunity to enroll in an energy savings program earlier in the year. This wasn’t going to stop me from insulating the house, it just meant I wasn’t going to get any help paying for it.


They have a new program and it looks even better. So the good news is that I will get a healthy rebate on the money I spend for insulation. The bad news is that I can’t go buy anything, or start the work, until some guy comes and does an assessment.

He’ll create a list of what he thinks I should do, I pick the bits I’m willing to do, and then afterwards he’ll check the work and use the receipts to determine how much money I get back. Yay!

This will mean more money will be left to work on the roof. Great!


The good news now is that Stanley and I can start work on the plumbing project while we wait to do the walls. My plan is to solve the problem of water and mud in the basement. This will involve flushing pipes, switching wells (I think), and patching walls.

In a perfect world, I will wind up with one well servicing the house and the other one as a luxury source of water for the garden I so desperately want to have.

On that subject, I spoke to a Land Surveyor who is going to help me figure out the boundaries of this property. I’ve told you before my title starts with “160 ft from somebody’s front door to a school that disappeared decades ago”. After that it gets vague.

Oh oh oh and Bryce is going to come and mow the lawn.

It was a good day. Even if I didn’t get to the garage. 🙂




  1. Glad to hear Jamie ate something. I’ve reached the point with my ‘big girls’ that I pretty much feed them whenever whatever they want. And they are still losing weight. 😦 But they seem to be happy and active. The vet recommended one of those hormone sprays – Feliway – to get them through the construction. You used something like that for the boys, didn’t you?

    And any day you can swap stuck semi-inside for errands out in the fresh air is a good day. 🙂 No fog here this morning – heading towards 80. So I’m working from home so that I can open windows, and go outside frequently to wriggle my toes in the grass. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks! I plan to order it this week or next. As soon as Matt starts building the door. 🙂 I guess I need to start blogging, huh?

        And maybe post some garden photos too. If you can make me so envious with all the water and rock photos you post, I will return the favor with flowers and herbs and veggies. I have THREE types of lettuce growing. 🙂


  2. Get it plugged in a few days before he starts – so it’s in the air up there before they get locked in.

    I am so garden deprived – I will try to just appreciate yours without resentment. 🙂 And YES you need to start blogging – and start taking before pictures.


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