Saturday Morning Notes


It’s clear and windless, which is unusual enough that I decided to go out back and practice more shots of the hummingbirds.

Weirdly, when I’m at my desk this feeder is constantly being used. When I go outside it’s abandoned. Huh.

Eventually I had a chair, coffee, and my tablet keeping me company in the sun. I have a hard life.


My closest neighbour, Anna, always has traffic at her feeders. In fact, I’m surprised the starlings let anything else get near them.

I won’t start worrying about feeding other kinds of birds until that distant day I have a garden.

Anyhow, I wanted to bring you the latest news in my search for a solution to the hand tremors. Let me introduce you to American Skullcap.


Note I said “American”. There are other kinds – and they are different plants. The Chinese Skullcap, in particular, is used for a variety of herbal medicine applications. That is NOT the one I’m talking about here.

I saw a review on Amazon by a woman who has essential tremor. She said she uses American Skullcap the way we use Propranalol – a short acting beta-blocker used as needed for specific times when you want calm hands for a particular task.

(Oh – good thing he’s noisy or I would have missed this guy!)


My order of Skullcap arrived a few days ago and, so far, it’s a win. I took a capsule, waited 30 minutes, and I wrote a legible paragraph with a pen. That hasn’t been possible for a very long time.

Combining the herb with the wrist weight has made working on the computer almost like normal.

In conclusion – I think it’s worth trying if you have tremors. I found a number of “home remedies” searching online – after experimenting with a few I’m going to stick to the weights and the Skullcap.

I’m also going to practice taking a lot more photos of these little birds. I’ll get it right eventually. 🙂


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  1. Interesting about the skullcap. I have had mild essential tremors for years (thanks to dad and his genetics), which of course aren’t improving with age. Whiskey helps, too, but tends not to be a viable long-term solution. 🙂

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