Tick That Box


Yesterday I unpacked the circular saw, attached the blade, adjusted the height, and cut a piece of plywood in two. This may not sound like much of an accomplishment to you – but I am totally, unreasonably, proud of myself.

Stanley is in no danger of being replaced, however I now feel comfortably more self-sufficient than I did.


I celebrated by breaking down two cooked lobsters Anna’s husband Robert brought me (yes, again, we’ve established how spoiled I am).

I’m in love with lobsters rolls, lobster salad, lobster with salad, etc. In fact all of the seafood I’ve tried here is wonderful. But, I’ll tell you a secret – one of my favourite things to do with lobster is add it to chicken & corn chowder. It’s magic!


I had considered washing windows today – I can’t do a full spring clean until the drywall is done – and it could happen.

The thing is that the garage is still sitting there untouched. I really need to get on that.

I wouldn’t want to go crazy and do two things in one day. 🙂


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