Some Big & Small Things


No I didn’t go far from home yesterday, so these shots are all the typical “what’s out there” from my front yard.

I was a little startled though. After taking a few pictures of the islands etc., in front of Eastport this appeared:


She’s the largest ship I’ve seen in this area of the Bay and she moved really fast. I have to figure out where she had been docked – I haven’t noticed any ports big enough for her around here (yet).

What I can’t give you is a photo of a major breakthrough which occurred on a very tiny scale.


My Brother and I have always been puzzled that my Sister gets multiple hummingbirds on her feeders. The birds are very territorial and we could never seem to get the ones who learned how to share.

Yesterday I had 3 – that’s right, 3 – at the same time on the feeder outside my office window. No I don’t have a photo. By the time I grab the camera and run outside they’re in the tree laughing at me. I’ve got the whole season to prove it to you and I will.

I guess I’d better put out more feeders. 🙂



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