Cat TV


There was a time, children, when we didn’t have remote controls for the television. You had to get up, cross the room, and turn a dial to change the channel.

This wasn’t as big a deal as it sounds. First of all, there were only a couple of channels, so you didn’t have a lot of choice. Also, people tended to just watch whatever came up next after their show.


Then came cable and Satellite dishes. Suddenly you had to own a TV that could handle more than 100 channels. The remote was an essential tool.

I tell you all this as context for the topic of Cat TV. Anything you can do to provide your feline friends with something to look at through a window is Cat TV. The type of entertainment you can find is the programing, the more windows you can program the more channels you offer.


I’ve put out five of the hummingbird feeders. Each is hung outside a different window.  Sometimes the programing on one of these channels is so entertaining they watch it while sitting in front of a window on the opposite side of the house.

You know how some people yell at their TV? Cats are like that.


They chatter and meow and race around the house from window to window trying to keep up with everything happening. This would be the equivalent of channel surfing.

They wear army boots as they run around the house. They also stop periodically to wrestle each other for the best vantage point.

It gets really loud around here.



  1. Thank you for your entertaining stories. Yours is the blog I read most faithfully. It adds a touch of humour, escape and whimzy in my day.


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