We met her on June 7, 2003, the day she was 6 weeks old. She fell asleep on my shoulder and, for the rest of her life, considered that the safest place to be.

She weighed less than 2 pounds. My big dog took one look at her and rolled over in submission. It was all downhill from there.

At her heaviest she was about 8 pounds, but for most of her life she was between 5 and 6. This didn’t stop her from attacking the largest skunk I’ve ever seen.

She was devoted to my Mother and would bark at anything and anybody who came over or approached her.

When she was about 11 or 12 I bought her a new toy. It consisted of a plush fake tree stump in which there were stuffed toy squirrels. She fell in love.

She treated the squirrels like they were her litter of pups. She would carry them all out in the morning and, one by one, move them next to her bed at night.

At some point she devised a game of hide & seek. She would spend an hour carefully hiding each of them somewhere in the house. Then she would bark at me until I went and found them. She was much much better at hiding than I was at seeking. It was humiliating.

When the Vet first met her she declared the little dog to be the most stubborn animal she had ever met. That never changed.

She stopped eating last weekend and slipped away just after 3:00 this morning. I buried her with her squirrels.

To paraphrase my Mother’s comment after her previous dog died … For something so tiny she has left a really big hole.

I miss her already.

James Virginia (Jamie) 04/26/2003 – 05/19/2018




  1. Nardo had a similar game with his stuffed Audobon Society stuffed bird toys. I’d put them in a pile, and he’d move them one by one. Then, when we put up a holiday tree, he’d put them all under the tree.

    Usually, I’d say “Their tenth lives are our memories of them” when a friend loses a cat. I don’t know what to say for when a friend loses a dog. Maybe the same thing?


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  2. Oh Maggie
    So sorry for your loss of Jamie!!
    So glad though that your sweet little companion was able to have the grandest adventure from here to the east coast ! Love and hugs to you !!!❤️❤️❤️

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  3. I had the great pleasure of not only meeting Jamie, but getting to trek across Canada with her. Unlike some of our companions in the car, she was intrepid, uncomplaining and always willing to join us when we went exploring. If I knew how to post a picture here, I would share my own pic of Jamie the Intrepid, when we were having breakfast with the Goose. She was a character indeed and she will be missed. May Jamie’s memory be for a blessing.

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