So, Plans Change


I had a blog post written in my mind.

I would tell you that I did a fair amount of housework yesterday, but two things hampered my progress. First I really hate doing housework. Second, and more importantly, I kept getting distracted.

Then I’d mention that at one point I looked out and there was this tiny little cloud floating across the far side of the Cove. I had to take pictures!


I’d comfort you with the knowledge that I was safely inside, downloading the raw images, when fog descended across the area and it was pissing rain.

The text would then state my conclusion that it’s the wind. It ensures that the weather changes quickly – at least at this time of year.

I’d report that the rain didn’t last. So I’d share that I then went to get you a shot of the sun.


I’d tell you that I managed a few photos and then the sky filled with clouds again.

I’d exclaim that “housework be damned” I was going to try and get a shot of those clouds explaining that I switched lenses temporarily.

My intention was to tell you a bit more about the weather and whine about having to go back to finish the housework today.


Then Prince and Brimmer (if you’re a fan of Red Dwarf just imagine a small fuzzy dog with that name) woke me up about 6:45. I’m finally learning how to sleep in – but not today.

I went outside and found Steve and Sheldon were starting to deliver the firewood.  sigh  If you’ve followed this blog then you know I still haven’t cleaned out the garage.

So, I won’t be able to write that weather related post today. Excuse me while I go move stuff out of their way.


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