Just Playing Around


I spent yesterday playing with the camera. It was great, but I promised myself to do the adult stuff today.

I learned a number of important things and maybe I’ll even be able to retain that knowledge for a few days. 🙂


For practical experience purposes I went and visited a couple of the places in Roosevelt Park I hadn’t yet seen. You can tell that the Season is upon us (Herring Cove Provincial Park opens tomorrow) just by the volume of activity.

Signs are going up everywhere and maintenance projects are being complete. For example, the main gravel road in Roosevelt has had all the potholes filled in. This was a lot of work and makes a huge difference.


I also had one of those “moments” of realizing something which should have occurred to me a long time ago. I hate it when that happens.

Yesterday’s post mentioned frustration with the photos. A large part of that is the difference between the clarity of the image when it’s being edited and the blur I see when it moves to the blog. I finally realized a lot of that is because of the conversions.


I capture both JPG and RAW versions when I take a picture. The RAW has at least twice the data as the other and that’s the one I use for editing. Then it’s converted to a PNG and resized for the blog. A lot of data is lost in that last transition.

I’ll try to find a better approach without putting hard-to-load files on here.

As part of my playing around I tried an Ansel Adams filter on a photo I particularly liked. I’m pleased with it. 🙂



  1. Just a thought, but you can choose quality levels on pngs – so you might try going for a higher one. But your photos also download a little slowly here, and I suspect that’s also because of the size of them. The highest resolution I ever use on the web is 96dpi – the computer screen can’t see the higher resolutions that only work for print. And physical size is important too – the width of your blog columns here are maybe a 1000 pixels at the most. If your pictures are wider, WordPress will crunch them, and it may be that as much as the png format that is affecting them.

    And of course, I am guessing you already know all this!


  2. That Ansel Adams filter is great. 🙂 And Adulting is highly over-rated. Of course Aesop’s Ant would probably disagree, but being an ant isn’t all that great either. 🙂 Enjoy the camera and being outside while you can. Rain is probably coming back in a few days.

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