I had promised I was going to adult yesterday – and did. Mostly.

I spent a very short period of time playing with the camera and stuck close to home while doing so.

Today I plan to stack more firewood and then treat myself to more QI binging. (It’s nice of Acorn TV to get all of the back episodes!)

I was going to ramble on about pollen (very high right now) and soil (rocky) until late last evening when we were invaded. You don’t have to believe me – the cats will be glad to tell you. They’re still on edge.


We’d had a few of (the now absurdly regular) Severe Wind Warnings broadcast on the phone and Tablet. Most of them don’t apply to us – they’re more pertinent to the south end of the Island.

This time we really did get stronger winds – which might explain what happened next.

I was doing a few last minute things on the computer getting ready to shut it down for the night. As I did I was trying to ignore some noises off to my left.

I finally looked over to see both cats, flattened on the rug, tails moving at a ridiculous speed, heads lifted in the direction of the feeder outside that window. I can’t see it easily so I started by looking at the one outside of mine.


There were 8 or 9 hummingbirds circling my feeder, jostling for position on the 4 feeding stations.  Now my jaw dropped – although I didn’t try to make noises like the cats were achieving and my tail stayed put.

I started checking and all 5 feeders had at least 4 or 5 birds circling them. No, I don’t have a photo – I wish I did.

The cats have learned some new words (I didn’t know they could make those sounds) and I’m off researching whether or not wind blows hummers in from neighbouring territories.

We’re going to need more sugar.


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  1. I don’t normally like nouns turned into verbs but I have to admit to loving “adulting.” I suck at it, by the way. I also know exactly what you were describing with the cats, no need for a photo!

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