Bit by Bit


Stuff got done yesterday and I have high hopes for today as well.

The lawn got mowed (yay!), the tires were taken away (omg yay!), the swing set was collapsed (finally!), and my table was moved from the car to the dining room. The latter only took a few weeks. 🙂


I now have a table so I finally used my new dishes last night. I also, for the first time since the day Ahuva and I arrived here, ate somewhere other than my lap or my desk.

There are restaurants on the Island. I think it’s just that, because for so long there was no money for eating out, it never occurred to me. I’ll have to do something about that.


The old green couch has been fixed to the point it’s now comfortable. A combination of plywood and 2″ foam has eliminated the problem posed by saggy springs. I added a cheap slipcover to hide the stuff under the cushions – it’s not one I’d have chosen for looks but it is better than the green corduroy.

Today is supposed to be the start of a plumbing project. It could happen … although maybe I’m being greedy to want even more after getting so much yesterday.


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