Fragrance of the Harbour


I did some prep work for a project I’ll report on in a couple of days (and yes, I’ll tell you about it even if it doesn’t turn out well), but it was really warm so I headed down to the Harbour.

You can see the fishermen have been doing their own form of spring cleaning. The derelicts are multiplying.


It’s still possible to fish for lobster and most of the boats were out on the water. It wasn’t quiet though – there was a lot of work going on.

At one end it involved a group of men and many bins, a very large truck, and a forklift carrying big tubs from one part of the dock to another.


I loitered at a distance to see if I could figure out what they were doing. You should know that the residents here accept the fact that I’ll be blaming my ignorance on my recent arrival as long as possible.

There was lots of noise and beeping and movement and men focused on the job at hand.


It took a while, but I finally realized they were getting a load of herring to use as bait for lobsters. The transfer process is obviously well rehearsed and efficient. It does not, however, mean that all the herring stays in those bins. Some of them wind up on the dock.

I mentioned that it was a warm day right? I don’t know where the birds were, but I assume they arrived later for a very fragrant feast.



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