I Like This Place


The images are randomly selected from the past couple of days at the harbour and exploring more of Roosevelt International Park.

The title is from Shakespeare’s As You Like It:

I like this place,
And willingly could waste my time in it.


I often have to reassure people here that I truly love living on this Island. I don’t break into blank verse to do that of course.

However, having watched that amazing production of King Lear the other night, I have to admit I might be tempted.

Being neither Anthony Hopkins nor Emma Thompson though, the world will be spared.


I’m still stacking wood and puttering around inside. The NB Power guy will be here next week to assess the house from an insulation point of view – this is good news.

Once he’s done that, and made his recommendations, maybe we can finally tackle the walls.

You’ll get before and after pictures eventually. 🙂



  1. I like that place, too. It is beautiful, and the people sound fantastic (and I liked all the folk I met there, brief stay though it was). Whose walls do you think will have insulation first – yours or mine? And PLEASE tell your cats to stop corrupting MINE….


  2. Well you will have insulation first – of course – but today I’m getting plumbing!!!!!!!!
    It’s not my cats – exactly – it’s social media. They’re all being corrupted.


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