Anybody Want a Couple of Cats?


Yesterday morning I was taking shots of all the traffic on the water. We’d had a really warm weekend (and I got photos of more flowering trees) which ended abruptly on Sunday with a Frost Warning. Huh?

The weather news for this area was record highs to record lows. Not as bad as Newfoundland – they got snow.

I wasn’t too concerned. It’s June after all. I gave the cats some new toys yesterday and, unfortunately for me, I spilled catnip in the laundry room. There was an extended period of them trying to sing the title song from Oklahoma. They won’t be going on any talent shows.

Yes, they like the new toys. I suspect that explains all the thumping and banging and arguing that went on for most of the night.


This morning we have a temperature of 6C (42F) – well we would, except for the wind and the resulting 3C (37F) windchill. It’s also raining. They say our high today will be 10C (50F) not accounting for the continued wind of course.

I was minding my own business here at the computer and the cats started yelling at me. They were sitting on either side of my chair yelling at me.

Fine. I gave in and stood up and they both went into the living room and sat in front of the wood stove. sigh

So it’s early June, just a few weeks away from summer, and I’m forced to bring in firewood to provide a satisfactory environment for my two druggie cats.  It’s the only way to keep them quiet.

The little darlings.



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