I Failed the Politeness Test


I can’t even see this much out the window this morning so I’ll use photos from the time before winter descended once again.

We’ve continued to have frost warnings and the latest estimate is that about 40% of the Province’s blueberry crop has been lost.

If you’ve ever experienced the 3″ deep blueberry pies they serve out here you will share my sadness at this terrible news.

Brent, the gentleman representing the NB Power Energy Savings Program was here yesterday. I learned that it is in fact a Federal Program – administered through the power companies.


The first good news is that the small amount of blown-in insulation is mineral wool not asbestos. So at least that’s one thing I don’t have to deal with.

I spent the rest of the day researching ways to get the maximum r value for the least cost and sourcing the products. I think Stanley is reserving judgement on my efforts, although he was on a lobster boat heading for Saint John and texting was a safe way for me to tell him what I was doing. He just said “OK”. šŸ™‚

I had a minor *cough* incident here at the house yesterday. A little background would be appropriate.

There are a relatively few things that trigger me. Being patronized is one. Another biggie is people who think that, because they can find my front door, I should be pleased to indulge their desire to preach at me.


I have nothing against people of faith. I have a great deal against faiths which compel their adherents to spend their time proselytizing to their neighbours and to do it at their victims’ homes.

My last home was in a neighbourhood constantly (as in at least once a week) being invaded by small groups of well dressed people knocking on doors. My response would vary. Sometimes I’d be really polite. If somebody actually said they wanted to talk to me about the Bible I’d reply “Why? Have they changed it?”. If possible I’d just pretend not to be home.

There was a knock on my door yesterday and I opened it to find two well dress young women holding copies of Awake!. Honestly, even if I was interested, we all know the chance I’d be one of 144,000 to survive the end days is non-existent.


I wasn’t mentally prepared for this visit. I didn’t expect it to happen out here. In fact the first words out of my mouth were

“You’ve got to be kidding. I travel 4000 miles to a rock in the middle of nowhere and you people are still trying to save me?” I might have raised my voice on the word “save”.

In my own defense, I did shout “Have a nice day!” as they ran down the driveway. In their high heels.

I then did something you should never do – an anger purchase on the internet. Although even after 18 hours I’m still pretty happy with the result. It will be mounted on the side of the house. It’s for their own protection!



  1. A male acquaintance of mine would answer the door naked, or robe agape, at such times. I’m *guessing* he looked out a window first to see who it was, but…? Might be why just “acquaintance” (but, yeah, it made me laugh to hear it). I like your sign. Sorry about the blueberries.

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