Birds & Lobsters & Boats


These two parked themselves next door and proceeded to screech their interpretations of dialogue from some action movies. At least I think that’s what they were doing – they were certainly taking themselves very seriously.

I couldn’t get close so you’ll have to take my word for the fact that they were huge!


Bryce came over and mowed the lawn, the metal pipes and electric fittings were removed, as were the remains of the swing set.

I carefully strained the batch of mosquito repellent I had steeping and sprayed the yard. Not before the riding mower had pissed off 92,645 of the little buggers though. We all got punished by them for our sins. There is a safe zone out there now and I’m sure the bites I got will clear up in a week or two.


I went out to Lighthouse Point to try for shots of the lobster boats either heading in or out – they are each on their own crazy schedule at the moment. Word is that the catch has improved a lot.

I was talking to a nice couple from Maine when the Rarin To Go headed towards us. It turned out the buoy at our feet was one of his – and yes they managed to stay off the rocks while retrieving the unlucky victims of their trap.


Since it was on the way home I stopped by the harbour. I love it when the water is so calm I can play with reflections.

This week I have some research and camera preparations to do before my first trip to Seal Island on Wednesday. I’m probably going to bore you silly with what I’ve found out about Puffins and Auks etc., but with any luck there will be lots of photos. 🙂


So far I can tell you that Maine hunters had decimated the population of Puffins. Two sites – one of them Seal Island – were used to reintroduce them. The situation in the UK is not great either although, in that case, the blame is put on climate change.

In 2018 Birdlife International reported that the Atlantic Puffin is threatened with extinction. Sometimes I really hate people.

One interesting tidbit though – the Puffins’ brightly coloured beaks are only like that  for the breeding season.  Assuming the trip isn’t cancelled because of weather, I’ll have a chance to see them for myself. I’ll let you know what happens. 🙂




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