Quadrennial Insanity


My first rose of the year! I know it’s not a perfect shot, but it was really windy. Other photos in this post include the sailboat which moored offshore yesterday bringing with it 4 nice visitors from France.

I gave them a lift to the store and kidnapped them (for just a short period of time) to drive through Roosevelt Park.


People who have known me a long time are probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned one of my life’s great obsessions. The answer is that I’ve been trying to limit the amount of time you, Dear Reader, will be forced to suffer the fallout.

The truth is I love the Beautiful Game. Politics, mayhem, & gamesmanship aside, the World Cup is my focus for one month every 4 years. It starts tomorrow.


I try to watch every game and watch it live. No replays for me. This proved very difficult the year the Tournament was in Japan/Korea. The games were all in the middle of the night and I was very sleep deprived by the end of that month.

I’m lucky this year because the time difference is much saner. It will be even better in 2026 – they announced an hour ago that Canada, the US, and Mexico will jointly host the World Cup that year.


So to reiterate: I love the game, I love the Tournament, I love that the unexpected happens (Iceland! Cameroon! James Rodriguez!). I love the crowds, the players, the way Spain moves down the pitch … yeah, all of it.

On that note, I have no idea how I’ll get a lot of chores done. For one month I won’t really care. I should share a message, though, from my neighbours’ dogs. They want you to know that I don’t spend enough time playing with them now. The World Cup news was not greeted with enthusiasm.



  1. Well I’m certain two if them will. 🙂 I suspect there will be a backup 2 country schedule and stadium selection.
    Of course, FIFA may have to move the Tournament somewhere that isn’t a war zone.


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