No Battle Plan Survives etc.,


I always have a plan. It usually gets replaced by 5 or 6 succeeding revisions, but I always have a plan.

For example, one of the projects on my list for this summer was to build a large wood box stretching the full width of the living room. I have detailed specs, and lists of dimensions and the necessary supplies.

Then I thought about the fact that I have to paint all of the interior walls when the insulation/dry wall project has completed. I also have a lot of furniture to paint and/or refinish.

It wasn’t going to happen. Instead I ordered metal firewood racks and I’ll put the same planks we’re using on the ceiling around that end of the room to protect the dry wall. I can be flexible. Sometimes.


It’s a lot harder for me to modify really strongly felt life decisions.

For example, I swore when I moved here that I would never ever again mow a lawn. Ever. Luckily there’s a teenager who is willing, when he feels like it, to take care of that for me. As long as it just involves the riding mower with the occasional, brief, use of a regular (OMG I have to walk and push it) machine.

Unfortunately, none of that takes care of edging. I’m growing some great examples of long grass against the buildings, under trees, and down the 8 foot cliff that fronts my yard to the road.


The cliff is particularly bothersome because it faces the Whale Watching office across the street and is not a great view for the tourists. The office also becomes an integral part of all community events – like FogFest, or this weekend for the Fundy Marathon.

I’ve been told to wait until the owner of the building clears the side of my cliff, but it’s not his problem to fix – it’s mine.

So, it may not be mowing but it’s close enough. I’ve ordered a trimmer and a very long cord.Β  sigh

They won’t be here in time for the Marathon and I’m sorry about that. I promise that Whale Watching season and Fogfest will have a better view.

Maybe someday I can convince my teenage assistant to do it. πŸ™‚




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