The Bay of Fundy Marathon 2018


The Bay of Fundy International Marathon seemed to go very well. At least from the perspective of this spectator.

The weather was perfect, the view distracted the runners, there were dozens and dozens of volunteers, lots of smiles, and hundreds of truly fit individuals of all ages. Watching them is either hugely motivating or makes you just give up in disgust at yourself. I haven’t decided yet. 🙂


As a dry run for an eventual trip to Seal Island (I have to believe it will happen) it was perfect for me. I now know how quickly I can exhaust 2 batteries and an SD card.

I tried to take a photograph of all the participants – I didn’t of course. Even if it wasn’t necessary to replace crucial pieces of technology I wasn’t going to get half decent shots of everybody (moving targets is my excuse).


One of the reasons I filled the SD card is that I capture both a jpg and a RAW format of each image. I also take many more images than a competent photographer would because of my tremor. Continuous shooting as long as I hold down the shutter button means I have more opportunity to get something in focus. This also dramatically increases the volume of what I’m storing on the card.

I chose the photos I thought were adequate for relatives to recognize the runners (it seemed like a reasonable standard) and put them up as a separate album on Flickr.


I love the fact that the map for the race includes landmarks such as “Mathews’ Red Roof Garage”. I was also intrigued to note that, although a maximum of (I think) 300 runners are permitted, there were license plates from Texas, Arizona, and even New Jersey (strong hint to Ahuva).

One of my favourite entrants was the oldest competitor. The younger man chasing him down in the race told me that Bruce was on his 164th marathon.


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