Little by Little

Buck Stops here3

I don’t know what kind of fish these guys were using as lobster bait, but the gulls were loving it. The birds chased this boat all over the water just outside my cove.

In other news, I’ve finally started painting some of the furniture. It took me this long to start narrowing down the colours I want to use in each room – I’ve picked one or two in the rugs to reference in the pieces that need painting.

Buck Stops here

We’re having a short spell of clear, warm, and dry so my driveway has been turned into a workshop. I’ll give you brief before & afters if things don’t turn out too badly.

The next weather event is hot and really humid (scary humidex readings humid) so I’m hoping the trimmer arrives early. I don’t want to be attacking tall grass in a steam bath.

Buck Stops here copy

The last shot in today’s post is not a great photo. It does, however, represent a tiny triumph.

All of the birds in the yard tease me by hanging around and flaunting themselves through the windows. When I go outside with the camera they disappear. Laughing.

This one is particularly annoying. So I stayed in my chair, used a long lens through a window and screen, and took her pic anyway. Ha!




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