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I went to the old Fish Plant to take a couple of Harbour shots to decorate this post – having totally forgotten about that big nest I showed you a while back.

The photos may look like duplicates, but in the first two she’s just trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing there.

Then she gets really vocal. When she launched from the nest and started her turn back in my direction I got in the car and left.

I was only there for a couple of minutes, but I think she likes me.


The real topic today is technology. To be more specific, the internet and my television.

I know I’ve whined frequently about having a maximum of 7 mps download speed here on the Island. I’ve also mentioned using WiFi to receive sports/news/entertainment on my Smart TV.

While the TSN GO app is really useful for the World Cup it isn’t always satisfactory. I can tell it’s buffering a lot because the picture blurs.

I did a speedtest on my television (now there’s a phrase I never thought I would use) and was getting speeds between 1.7 and 2.1 mps. sigh


I started researching solutions and the first one I tried was a WiFi repeater. The logic is that you install it somewhere in the house between the modem and the TV and it boosts the signal (doesn’t speed the original up just helps more of it arrive).

I should know better at my age, still I bought something “very easy to install”. Honestly the instructions would have been equally coherent if I’d held them upside down.

Not only could I not get it to work – I broke the internet. The cats learned some new words.


Yesterday I received my second possible solution. A powerline ethernet adaptor. You plug one unit into the wall next to your modem and then attach to the modem with an ethernet cable.

You plug the second unit next to the TV and attach that with another cable, then you tell the TV it’s connecting “wired” not “wireless”. The revised speedtest scored 7.9 mps. !!!!!

The real test was Twitch (I like to watch a couple of the DnD channels). I haven’t been able to watch it at all. Now there is no buffering and a great picture.

It’s so nice when something actually works.

Update: Saffia’s research has led me to the Osprey also known as a Fish Hawk. She’s very pretty. (well, they both are) 🙂



  1. I think it might be an osprey. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Osprey/overview

    As for the football … well, the Mexican fans screaming with joy as they’re aware that they’ve gone through (with Germany losing to … South Korea!!!), while the players on the pitch as in despair that they’ve lost to Sweden (and don’t know the outcome of the other match).

    The Guardian is live blogging the matches – and the Sweden/Mexico match was being covered by Barry Glendenning (who is great on The Tour de France too).

    And of course he got sucked in to watching the Germany/South Korea match too, as its result was crucial to the game he was meant to be covering …

    87 min: I knew this day would come – two minute-by-minute reports at the same time. With all these keyboards and technology I feel, so alive; like Rick Wakeman or Chris Lowe from The Pet Shop Boys.

    88 min: In the game I’m supposed to be reporting on, Sweden’s Mikael Lustig gets booked for a lunge on Hirving Lozano. In the game I’m not supposed to be reporting on, Germany bring a smart save out of South Korea’s goalkeeper.

    And England v Belgium today … a game it would be quite acceptable to lose (as the losing team will get the easier draw in the next round … ).

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  2. OH cool! I went through hawks and falcons etc., and couldn’t find anything that looked like her. Thank you!
    I’m loving the Finals – although I could do without the Peruvian fans’ horns (who let vuvuzela clones into Russia?) I feel bad for Iceland – but damn their first game was just Wow.
    As for England, I think my low expectations have helped the team. I don’t want to jinx them. 🙂


    1. The one in the photo is huge. If there’s a baby it’s well hidden in the nest which is on top of a tall pole. I couldn’t see inside it from the ground. But yes, I’ve learned that she’s an osprey. 🙂


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