It’s Not the Humidity


That blossom you see was about to become collateral damage. The string trimmer finally arrived and my approach to the overgrown hill can best be described as clear cutting.

Oh I’m pretty good about the roses and a few other flowers I find. However, these single stalk plants in the middle of a field of weeds and grass are toast.

The bad news about this project is that everything is soaking wet. We had a full day of high winds and driving rain on thursday. Last night we had thunderstorms with more rain.

It was cool to watch these clouds form while the storm approached. The cats felt Mother Nature could have stopped at that. Thunder is not their friend.


We have very high humidex/temperature warnings this weekend – although on the coast we’ll be spared the worst of it. Still, the humidity was in the high 80s when I started at 8 this morning.

I didn’t last long – not because of the heat, or humidity, or even being out of shape. It was because of the (^%&) mosquitoes. I was covered from head to toe – well except for my head – so guess what they focused on.

I finally got smart and put some of that repellent concoction on my face – which worked until I sweat it off. Next time I’ll just soak my shirt in it.

I will get the hill cleared – over a couple of days, as early in the morning as I dare. I’m determined.


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