Almost There


I almost had some pretty good shots today. I managed to capture the lobster boat arriving out of the mist yesterday morning, but somehow the the straight lines of the towers are wavy. Probably because of the fog … it couldn’t be my fault.

I also came very close to a beautiful portrait of my favourite shore bird. Unfortunately she started to move her head just as I pushed the button – so it’ll have to remain a more distant image.

Finally, I didn’t realize it but the Canada Day fireworks are set off at the tip of the point you see on the edge of my cove. If I’d known that I would have prepared the tripod and camera to share images of them with you. I had a great view. Next year.


The scary (to the cats) man’s voice on my phone & tablet has gone from issuing Severe Thunderstorm Watches to Extreme Heat Warnings. We have it relatively easy here on the coast. The folks further north and inland will have very muggy humidex readings in the 40s (over 100F). It’s cooler here and there’s almost always a breeze.

I’ll continue clearing the hill early enough to avoid the worst of it, late enough to not bother the neighbours too much, but still early enough to finish/have a shower and get ready for the first game of the day.

I’ve been very lucky with this time zone for World Cup. I don’t have to get up before dawn, or stay up through the night, to watch all the matches. In that area of my life, at least, things are almost perfect. 🙂



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