Someday, when the house is further along in its evolution, I will focus my attention on the outside and my dreams of a big garden. Fair warning though – there will be a lot of swearing.

That determined plant is growing in what constitutes 98% of the soil around here. Rock. It is, however, an environment in which roses & lilacs & many other flowering shrubs thrive.

The good news is that I won’t be able to do much of my least favourite activity – digging. The less good is that an awful lot of top soil is going to be required for, what will have to be, raised beds. Sara has already pointed out that she has a truck. 🙂

pink rose

I had one of those early mornings when you know you’re seeing something unusual but haven’t had your coffee yet so sorting it out is beyond you. It left me with a puzzled expression and a lot of questions for people around here. They’re used to that by now.

I went outside to get something off of the clothesline and I could hear a loud engine noise. There, at the end of my driveway, was a fire engine from Lubec. I waved. They waved and then they backed down the hill and left. This happened before 5:00 am their time.

Update: Unfortunately there was a house fire. Deb let me know in the comments that nobody was hurt but they lost everything. How awful!


A fishing boat came into the Cove yesterday with two dinghies trailing behind it. At first I thought he had deposited a derelict, but it seems he was just parking it while he worked on the other one.

The fisherman spent a long time moving from dinghy to dinghy with a fishing net which he then strung across the weir. It was eventually attached to one of the small boats and he sailed off on the mother ship with the other one.

I’ll try to keep an eye on the area to watch him haul in the catch.


There is no lack of determination on my part to get some good close-ups of that heron. However, I really need to improve my stalking technique.

I saw her fly toward the shore closest to me the other day. Because she’s here at low tide that meant she was hidden by the embankment once she landed. So I grabbed the camera, ran outside in my slippers, tripped down the hill and scuffed across the road.

My lack of stealth apparently gave her sufficient warning to escape. I guess she’s shy.

Heron in flight


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