Up at Sunrise


I was up even earlier than usual today and took a quick trip out to Head Harbour Lighthouse to get some shots of the sunrise.

Just another genre of photos that needs practice. Give me a few years.

I try to be satisfied with continuous improvement, but I’m not feeling very patient these days.  🙂


One of the reasons I was up early is that I’m uncomfortable with the fact that I still haven’t got Project Insulation underway.

Oh lots of planning has been done, but there’s no physical progress.

Somebody said to me the other day that I “have until October”. Let’s be clear – there’s no way in hell I’m waiting until October. Island time be damned.


I’ve been watching lots of videos on hanging drywall. Ugh. Another reason for not waiting too long before starting.

I’ll make the trip upriver this week to buy all the materials. They’ll be delivered the following Wednesday. This gives me time to paint more furniture and move loose objects upstairs for the duration.

I wish the dumpster guys would deliver. Apparently they’re really busy this season so I’m going to wind up with a truly attractive pile of garbage on the lawn.


The good news is that I got the first cut of the hill done yesterday, just in time for the Whale Watching season to start today.

I don’t think I’ve told you that the Ferry isn’t running yet. They posted the news in June saying a delay was necessary because the new boat isn’t ready and there’s no indication of a start date.

In the meantime the Americans are boarding Canadian and US boats off Seal Island (I’m supposed to be there on Friday) and stopping cars on Maine highways. My trips this week could be exciting.




  1. LOVE these sunrise photos!!!! I want to say I love the last one best and then I think, no maybe the 2nd one. but then I think…. maybe the first one. the photos are gorgeous.

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