Mars is in Retrograde

traps gone

The lobster boats have been hauling in their traps and taking them home. This has left a lot of unhappy gulls. I could hear them this morning though over at one of the fish farms so they’re not starving.

Some flowers in the garden are finishing, but the lilies have started to bloom. They look great!

white flower

I check my news sites first thing in the morning – while Fergus yells at me to do something else. I haven’t actually figured out what he wants, but they have a new “toy” arriving this week which I hope will take care of the problem.

Anyway, news sites. I don’t remember seeing horoscopes pop up on the CBC before – it’s possible I just didn’t notice.

I did check it out, of course. When they’re bad you remind yourself that the light put out from stars thousands of years ago, and only just visible now, could have nothing to do with your life. It is, however, incumbent upon us to believe them when they’re good.


“Mars is your Mister Fix-it guy. He’s your Hercules. He is providing the muscle you need to get a big job done. It’s been a long time, but light is now clearly visible at the end of that seemingly endless long tunnel.”

The message here is obvious. Project Insulation will get done and it will be easier than I fear because Mars is going to do most of the heavy lifting.

Stanley and I can just supervise.

I do hope Hercules cleans up after himself.


The hill needs lots more work with the trimmer to get it close to “manicured” (or at least reasonably short), still I turned my attention to the rest of the property.

I cleared out the long grass under trees and around the house, garage, and small woodpile that has yet to be put away.

This little lady was completely indifferent to the fact that small bits of grass & weeds were flying in her direction. I don’t think the creatures in my yard consider me much of a threat. 🙂


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