I mentioned last week that the only impact around here from Hurricane Chris was its effect on our tides. They have been very high and very low. I’ve seen more of the sea floor than ever before.

I don’t know if it’s related but yesterday, during the World Cup Final, I noticed a lot of unusual activity in my cove. The water was covered in bubbles and splashing and gulls racing around like crazy birds.

I managed to get a very bad shot of one of the culprits. See it up there? In the bottom left?

No? Here – I cropped the photo to make it easier for you.


The fish didn’t stay too long – things went back to normal fairly quickly. Much like my life I guess, now that the tournament is over. 😦

The Project Insulation supplies will arrive this week so I have to make room for them. The truck should be pulling up just as the forecast calls for more thunderstorms. That’ll be fun.

Once the stuff arrives I’ll find out what I’ve forgotten. Here’s hoping it won’t involve another trip upriver – I’ve just barely recovered from the last one coupled with the excursion to Machias Seal Island.


The work on the house is bound to occupy most of my time, but I’ll try and pay better attention to what’s going on around me.

I still have a lot to learn about my new surroundings. There was an educational news item this morning about How to Avoid Hitting Wildlife in New Brunswick – it comes with a picture of a moose. That’s not the type of thing I want to have to report on.

I’ve also been neglecting some critical chores – like the firewood. I’m hoping my teenage friend is going to take care of much of that for me.


The only thing of a productive nature I’ve manage to accomplish in the past month is a pile of lists.

I have a To Do list for me, one for Stanley (his memory is worse than mine), and one for my teenage friend.

I also have a Winter Preparation list and one for fixing the kitchen. The latter is lower priority but as things occur to me I make a note.

My expectations may be much higher than our ability to get everything done – but much like these frenetic birds, at least I’ll be trying. 🙂


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