The Legacy of Clever People


The trucks arrived on schedule yesterday. We weren’t actually expecting the drywall until Tuesday – so that was fun. The second driver, Jason (my favourite of the drivers), helped move it all into the house. There is very little space on the sunporch now so it’s just as well we’re changing the order of things.

The good news is that it’s clear and sunny. The bad news is that it’s really hot and muggy. My guys unloaded the roofing supplies, but there’s no way they’ll be working on that project until the weather cools off.


The focus will shift to the living room in the meantime. Demolition there has revealed that some bright spark convinced an entire industry to use dust bunnies as insulation.

I guess I should be impressed with an entrepreneur monetizing a household cleaning headache, but those small piles of fluff at the bottom of the walls should not have filled any homeowner with confidence.


I helped with the unloading. A little. It’s way past the point I can assist with 80 pound packages of drywall or shingles. I focused on the pine v-board that will replace the acoustic tiles on the ceilings.

That attractive assortment of tarps conceals my project for the next two days. Before the next round of rain and thunderstorms I will paint all the boards. That should be fun in this weather. Luckily I got smart after my recent sunburn and bought a truly ugly hat.



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