Altruism & Fashion Points


The sun porch is just a storage room at the moment. It’s also the cleanest, tidiest part of the house. The cats are going to make me pay for this for a long time.

Speaking of the cats, they demonstrated an unexpected level of generosity yesterday. The shortest/fuzziest of my neighbours was injured in an accident. We put him in the larger of the cages I’d used to bring the cats across the country so he could be transported to the Vet.

When they found out that the Doctor wants him to stay in that cage, for 8 weeks while he heals, my boys insisted he keep it as long as he likes. In fact, they suggested he never return it. You might question their true motives – I’m not permitted that luxury.

We spread out yesterday; Stanley worked in the living room, my young friend cleared out the garage and stacked wood, I started painting boards.

At one point I had to go to the hardware store in Lubec. I didn’t change before going – this isn’t downtown Vancouver after all.


My painting clothes consist of an over-sized mans plaid linen shirt and sweat pants which are discoloured from splashes of bleach (I use it to dissuade animals from entering the garage). I also wear that hat I told you about, but I left it at home.

I was standing innocently in the store when this woman turned towards me and said “Nice outfit.” I’m sure there was no sarcasm in her words, but imagine if I had been wearing my ugly hat as well!

I told her I earn a lot of fashion points here on the Island. šŸ™‚

One last note – I’m encountering a lot of bugs during this project. In fact, if I ever get bored this winter I can lie on a couch and count the ones that are painted into the ceiling.

The worst for this – and the only ones I have saved so far – are the baby grasshoppers. Hundreds of them. The little buggers just love the pine and the smell of paint. sigh




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