Time Off for Birds

7 Murres

We took yesterday off – well mostly. I had to move all the wood into the garage first, but I did spend some time going through more images from the trip to Machias Seal Island.

I call the top one – 7 Common Murres 1 Fish. Titles are not something I spend much time on. 🙂


The weather is cooler today and the rain is supposed to start. This is a huge relief after the hot muggy air we’ve been swimming through for the past week.

If it stays reasonable, and dries out, the roof will get done.


I couldn’t find the cats late yesterday. After searching through all the places they shouldn’t be I found them on the sun porch.

They have very carefully removed the drop sheets from their favourite pieces of furniture.  Apparently I didn’t get a vote.

I see You

The only bad news right now is that my “walk around” camera lens has stopped working. I still have the wide angle and it’ll be fine until I replace the wounded one.

I’ll worry about that after the work is done on the house. In the meantime, I need more practice with the other lens anyway. 🙂


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