Close Up


I miss my “walking around” lens. I can’t show you the men harvesting seaweed – they’re just too far offshore for clarity with the wide angle. It is, however, good for vistas and closeups.

FogFest is next week and it also should be useful for the crowds and performers (if I get close enough to the latter).


Speaking of crowds, there are fewer visitors on the Island this year. We still have no ferry so any Canadians who wish to come visit must drive for an hour through Maine.

If you’re not familiar with it, the boat runs for a few months every summer and connects us to the rest of New Brunswick by transporting passengers/freight to and from Deer Island. You then drive across and catch the Provincial Government’s ferry to the mainland.


The latest update from EastCoast Ferries, as of yesterday, is that The Deer Island – Campobello ferry will be operating this season. Not sure of the date yet but the new vessel is getting there.

The FogFest organizers spend some time on their website explaining how to get on the Island in the absence of the usual summer option. It’s a very good thing I moved here last year – the additional stress of wondering if I’d ever arrive would have been unbearable.


The good news is that all the work Stanley has done, and is doing, has resulted in lower insurance costs. Although they do want the roof fixed before mid-August. I’ve told them it’ll happen just as soon as there’s no risk of heat stroke for anybody working on it.

In the meantime, I have doors and windows open while fans blow out the plaster dust and mildewy wet insulation smells. The cats have retreated to the second floor. They don’t even send postcards.



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