I Feel Like I’m Slacking Off


One couple harvesting seaweed in the mist came close enough to shore this morning to give you some idea of their industry.

I can get the nostril hairs in a weed, but this lens won’t make you feel like you’re there on the boat.

I’m supposed to go back to Machias Seal Island in a couple of weeks (weather permitting). I guess I’ll find out if birds have nostril hair. 🙂


The only work I’m getting done is on the endless list of loose objects needing to be boxed and stored upstairs.

The weather makes it impossible to work on the roof and, honestly, I don’t need them kicking up plaster dust indoors in this heat either.

I keep promising the cats it won’t be much longer. In the meantime I’m trying to figure out how to get a shot of a butterfly without running around the yard like a mad woman.

rose hip

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