Morning Coffee


It’s easy in this heat to sit out on the front porch for my morning coffee. Yesterday was earlier than usual because of the noisy birds. More on that below.

I tried to get some shots of the little guy who owns the feeder on this corner of the house – not my best work.


My attention wasn’t really on him. Remember me telling you somebody had stretched a net across the weir and anchored it with a dinghy?

It turns out that was the fishing equivalent of somebody licking their finger and sticking it in a piece of pie. It was a territorial claim.


In the dark twilight of the night before last they came back and started educating me on this form of herring fishery.

The nets were strung across the full width of the cove – which pissed off the seal and excited the seagulls (resulting in my morning wake-up call).


Approaching low tide they make a “noose” of net and start to draw it closed. A much bigger ship arrives with a blue, 12 inch wide vacuum hose.

The net gets attached to the big boat and the fish are sucked up like lint.


I’d show you all the other characters who wanted a piece of this action; the eagles, the seals, and the humpback whale who bobbed up and down just outside the limit of that net – but I need my other lens.

This show takes place twice a day and every time there is a line of cars/trucks on shore watching. I know why I’m fascinated (it’s new to me) but these are fishermen and long-term residents.

I hope I never lose interest in the herring fishery right here in my cove. šŸ™‚



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