Just Visiting


I only got about 3  hours sleep last night – partly because of the heat/humidity and partly because of unreasonable stress. I say unreasonable because it was based on ignorance.

Early in the evening I saw a whale offshore chasing herring – the sound of the blowing carries easily across the water so I followed his progress as he hunted. I followed that progress right into my cove.


I talked to one of my whale rescue neighbours to see if there should be concern – after all, there are nets hanging on the weir and one had to be helped to escape that trap elsewhere on the Island.

I was told not to worry yet – we’d check at first light. So of course I was up before 5 – and he was still here (in the dark, but I could hear him). He left just before 6 and then the fog rolled in. Next time I’ll try to be more zen about the whole thing. 🙂



  1. Wow what a wonderful neighbour, a whale just wandering in. I don’t often respond but love your blog and your pictures. Thank you


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