Morning Callers


One year ago today Ahuva and I started out from Vancouver with 2 cats, a 14 year old dog, and a general sense (on my part) that just heading east would get us here. Smartest thing I ever did.

Most of us on this end of the Island were awake before 5:30 this morning – a group of Finbacks came to feed on the herring. (You know how much I wanted to have my long lens right?)

Finbacks – up to 75 feet long in these waters and they weigh 1 ton per foot. They are glorious!


I spent some time watching and when they moved into the next bay I had a quick shower and followed them.

There were 6 or 7 feeding in the bay. Don’t confuse that fin you see with their tail – that fin is about 60% of the way down its back.

A number of us were standing on the wharf watching and were joined by a busload of kids from a local Whale Camp. That’s going to be remembered as a very successful Camp given the loud oooohs and ahhhhhhs and wows coming from the kids.


Stanley sent me a text saying they were probably sharks – funny guy. He came down though and let me drink his coffee so he’s still my favourite. 🙂

There was (is) one really big Fin in the group. I managed to get a pic just after he blew. Imagine what I could have done with a better lens.  Next Year!

Stanley just texted that they’re still there so I’m heading back. I love this place!





  1. I agree – smartest thing you ever did. 🙂 Especially the part about traveling with Ahuva. *laughing* seriously – I love where you are – physically and mentally. I’m so happy for you – and for the boys, too, although I know that, thanks to your revisionist history, they won’t believe that. 🙂

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